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Sunday, April 30, 2017

wearing see-thru suffering part 6 4/30/17

it is no small wonder that life provides many trails
along this line of personal self development,
almost on a daily basis until with clarity,
it dynamically registers as a consciousness of being
beyond circumstance, experiential input, actual occurrence,
 or any storyable self account.
one is not of the body but occupies it.
one is not the experience but registers its passing.
one is not the victim but is the source and the origin
of being and its expression.
one is not the outcome but always available
to the origin ever unfolding.
suffering is a first option for meditation
to be a process of self-discovery
and then a means of deepening a truer sense
of self-love from within.
suffering, as the conundrum it is, does not seem,
from an initial standpoint, to be a blessing,
but it is a blessing in disguise
when addressed and source-fully mastered.
suffering, when taken in hand, becomes the guidance
from a hidden grace, a sense of self as conscious self
as opposed to self-conscious,
and a sense of being sourced beyond the sense of suffering 
as an overwhelming distraction.
suffering is a very popular expressive style
but it is also a multifaceted method of entry
into higher states of consciousness
then the original experience would account or allow for.
the contentiousness of our dualistic thinking
works against that development
by presenting a working premise of causality
in which external experience reinforces the contention
that suffering is caused by another, outside of oneself
and that they are to blame
for the predicament presently occurring.
note: there is no healer in this process as stated.
fault-finding and victimhood both work against
the deeper insight of advancing conscious
within any of the parties involved.

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