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Wednesday, April 26, 2017

wearing see-thru suffering part 2 4/26/17

suffering can be placated yet remain unsolved.
the debt of unresolved suffering has carriage in each of us.
there is then motive for reaction as if blame is polarizing.
baiting another into reaction as response is twofold.
first off, it is ventilating what has been kept unresolved
and second, paradoxically asking for help by nasty-speak.
using pointedly accusatory, laid-bare sarcastic,
or demeaning derogatory is as a paradoxical representation. 
this is a means for the premise to be polarizing.
and this is where outer experience trumps inner experience.
self-consciousness overwhelms inner consciousness.
we spend 24/7 insistently doing outer consciousness as self.
inner conscious as a feeling base for all of this is trampled.
the illusion is then to take up the cause of suffering as self.
suffering is self-consciousness but it is not conscious self.
one has depth and source
while the other has blatant affect and effect issues.
asking one to riddle another’s pain by hurling insults
as an invitation to feel what I feel, is paradoxical.
but it is done all of the time, almost unconsciously.
wanting the second party to feel the degradation,
or the humiliation or the disgrace that the first party feels 
for themselves is the transgression
that blame or insult offers.
disguised ventilation is an acceptable means it seems.
genuine empathy is wanted
but reaction is more of a promoted social means.
suffering, as the immediacy of self-consciousness,
can present as dominant and always issue-bound eminent.
the challenge for the second party is to move
from being the chosen assaulted,
to now, secondary victim-person,
then to a rendered audience-person,
to then a innocent bystander-person,
to then a compassionate assistant-person,
and finally to a steadfast remedy proposing-person.

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