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Sunday, April 9, 2017

dualism as the opiate 4/9/17

if breath is the drug of the body
then dualism, the theory and frame of two opposing,
is the opiate of the mind.
feature the synaptic entanglement
where this dualism of focus is the driver.
once there, thought steals from think.
being present is not the same as presence.
cognition is a time-bind catch.
conclusions produce arthritic mind states.
curiosity yields to statutory summaries
and linear thinking thrives on a pinhole existence
of a reality paper bag over it headiness
with one small aperture of input at a time
which features objectification as method,
a designation of a parameter as discernment
and then judgment as a result.
dualism is a framing style of confinement,
the creature comfort of judgment’s degree,
the incomplete mapping of the immediate surround,
the sensory coordinates of naming and dismissal,
the impactful infestation of time as formalized relevance,
the mind game where decisions trump all hearts,
the custody of the moment is in the hands of control,
the seduction of mind-frame as honest and relevant,
the popular assumption that headstrong is virile
and that masculine is mind-scape as relevant . . .

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