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Saturday, April 15, 2017

Reality as teething 4/15/17

Reality is a first-born set of teeth,
with retentive mind as the chew on the journey.
Reality tourism is the lifetime seduction.
Leaving cognitive mind and language
for vibrational intelligence is the goal
though unsaid, unheard, unknown.
Incidences of vibrational intelligence,
yet ever so slight and unconnected,
leave observation for direct immersion.
And the greater the field of this immersion,
the less objective retrieval is justifiably meaningful.
Reality is a mirror as metaphor,
melting away from meaningful impact
or steadfast resolve.
It is leaving predictability for being spectral
if only by sentient awareness.
This, the un-manifested producing mass awareness,
is as shadow to the isness only then to discover
that the intelligence of the universe has no mind
and occupies no space.
And consciousness, our willing consciousness,
leaves intelligence in its specificity
to embrace a oneness beyond claim.
This unboundedness is precipitous
by leaving the locality of space/time presence,
as thought is conceived to be coherent,
to then radical embrace
that which is without pronouncement.
And the integrity of our being proceeds
without closure or measure or isness identity,
for this dynamic self-conscious has no self-audience. 
Reality is then just a vague echo of a mind-chew,
from far away and not remembered . . .

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