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Saturday, April 8, 2017

beyond beyondness 4/8/17

In the medium of true consciousness,
there is no wardrobe of pretention.
Every so-called advancement has no return
until the myth of advancement ceases to exist
in context or value.
All of the minions of self-sense as consciousness
have been dismissed.
Any contingency of thought is essentially excess baggage. 
Even a concept is not a useful tool for passage.
Female orgasm is a stairwell harmonic of ascension
but seldom used beyond entry and re-entry
cognizanced at the ground floor level.
All of differentiation as manifest
infinitesimally surrenders from being
any ambassadors of articulation.
Wonders cease to portray.
There is no technology of audience possible
as all is interplay.
Sound, as the mother-source, has no loudness.
The synchronicity of all sound-frequencies
are integratively blended accordingly.
There is nothing to being,
for that is beyond separate or identified.
Your every act of signature ongoing
is constantly written throughout the universe.
You are not in any sense of receivership but being.
Self-consciousness is a time/space bias without reprieve. Historically it was preoccupied
with the lowest frequencies’ pronouncements. 
The mind, in usage, is of redundancies,
relentless and personified.
Understanding has to have no residence within
as the mind is generatively participatory
but without event or account.
Knowing is a set of shackles
for beings without levity or inner vision.
You ascend to occupy all space
only to discover there is no space
that has dimension beyond relative value
ever diminishing of relevance.
Every mind-fill can be an opportunity of full surrender
to embrace that,
which has no surface to contend with,
no resistance to pass through,
no anchor of memory to attend,
no arbitrary wherewithal of means.
Beyond the isolation of conscious living,
you withdraw to be . . .

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