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Tuesday, April 25, 2017

wearing see-thru suffering; part 1 4/25/17

part 1

it all starts without sensory makeup.
experience is so heavily dependent upon input.
the primary senses are honed and keen to provide.
cognitive reality is flooded with intake
and then conjured into interpretation.
experience is assumed to primarily be that affect.
inner experience is there but generally backstage.
by inner experience I mean, the internal feel as pushback.
there is the ongoing struggle with some balance
between outer-world overwhelm
and awareness of the inner sense of being.
outer-world and inner sense seem to be working
together but independently on the same account.
suffering maybe inner sense rich
but it is also outer-worldly accounted for.
inner sense feels before it is named.
outer-worldly has names, situations and cause, as if blame.
inner-sense needs to source healer within
but outer-worldly wants issues as if symptoms
and fault engagement as if discovery of cause.
thereby suffering then becomes the conundrum.
for suffering is potentially pain instituted
but represented in a self-consciousness
as a time-deferred context.
suffering is not consciousness.
self-consciousness maybe steeped in pain representation
and in reality demand to be presented
but true consciousness precedes pain every step of the way.
thereby the confusion exists and the conundrum lives.
suffering parades itself as consciousness publically.
it is issue present, topic alert but not consciousness.
being conscious has more of a feel then a topic.
but topic overwhelm is more readily people-exchanged.
there is way more profit to suffering as topic
almost as a means of cognitive involvement
as audience to boot,
even as being the person it’s happening too.
the attention-grab of suffering is all about outer experience.
consciousness lacks that kind of commercial appeal. 
yet the true healer has to come from consciousness within.
big-pharma, news media, western medicine is opposed.
the distraction is presentable, the essence is self-hidden.

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