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Thursday, April 27, 2017

wearing see-thru suffering part 3 4/27/17

It seems hard to get that suffering is
essentially self-inflicted when it appears to be
so totally self-consciously, experientially consuming.
and the first order of context 
is to reach out in exasperation 
but topically pursue blame or depiction as affect.
suffering, as a self-conscious way,
features the account of pain and not the pain itself.
the pain itself goes on
but without direct undivided attention.
self-consciousness has intervened
and interpretations are the follow up
as if pain has been superseded
by the suffering experience of itself.
it isn’t that we go into the pain as much as the pain,
in whatever format of the spectrum of pain,
as storyable surmise, is overwhelming.
this is a very tricky place
of participation versus observation.
for observation has interpretation and account.
participation requires a conscious presence
which precedes the conclusion of dismay
or even the cognition there of,
as rendering a suffering event.
the pseudo recovery position is to have suffering rendered 
as a second party to self, working on story as account.
and that blame is the primary theme to address
as if blame expresses the deepest cause of circumstance.
somehow ignored in this as drama,
is that pain is but an experience to a person
and not the essence of the person.
the really tricky part is not the pain itself,
but the self-conscious conclusion of being in pain.
the damage is the confusion of one for the other.
some identify with pain
is the only appropriate self statement to be made.
others may have a self that experiences pain
but is not in the overwhelm
nor the need for exterior cause to frame that pain.
therefore accusation and subsequent blame are not in play.
the premise is that there is a self behind and beyond
the experience of suffering.
becoming witness to that consciousness space,
does not deny the experience or the actual pain
but also does not provide for overwhelmed by it either.
to know of oneself before, during and after
the experience of any kind of pain,
allows for a conscious anchoring of being.

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