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Sunday, April 2, 2017

the myth of space 4/2/17

Space does not actually exist.
It is all sound as sound is revealed
by the byproduct of listening.
We are privy to a small selection of sound
as listeners.
We are sound
but at the blunt end of observing that.
Even in our sensory range,
we have an extremely limited
auditory pronouncement available.
The essential principle of sound is not to be heard
but it is integral as structure,
fluid structure to any thing that will manifest
as mass by our version of representation.
Sound of sufficient density and frequency
can sponsor fields that represent to us as mass.
We are visited by them as form into substance
and sensory presence to our version of life.
We actually pride ourselves
as form postulates of importance,
well, self-importance.
But auditory is the white cane we have
to pronounce our existence.
The integrity of these sounds,
we have not come to understand.
We live by their rules
and yet have found them yet unapproachable
to truly understand
as if understanding would place us
at cause or source.
In the way we claim space and further reference it, 
we confound the illusion
and thrive on the isolation we have succumb.
Our truth is only a metaphor of living.
We are bent on being isolationists.
We are the prison of our own making
and basically none the wiser in our displays.
We accept the shackles of time,
language and cognitive thought.
We are all so far, mostly unreadable code.
We have yet to figure
how to take off the spacious robes of our choir
and sing the universe alive . . .

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