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Friday, April 28, 2017

wearing see-thru suffering part 4 4/28/17

all suffering lends itself to story, account, and affect,
as if its conclusionary state is necessary reality.
for our emotional body is trained to be distracted
by such circumstances as self-vulnerability.
the experience of pain seems to be
an authentic justified sense of self.
going deeper, beyond that position,
has not been approached as a cultural condition
that all peoples have developed and passed through.
most people stay involved with a self worth
that pain can alter.
suffering goes on at many levels
and humans’ capacity for self consciousness through pain 
provides for difficulties and a variety of lessons
to be experienced in any attempt to clarify,
the origin of self, the means of self love administered
and the suffering that may accompany
almost any situations as provided.
suffering, for a person steeped in self consciousness,
is a perception of weight and magnitude
but it is also a status of dangerously living
in a series of ongoing conclusions
that are allowed to, moment by moment,
persistent as continued suffering.
suffering is never the self but is easily the context
with which a self can describe with feelings
as to who they are for then.

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