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Thursday, April 13, 2017

forgivingness out of ice 4/13/17

Forgiving has a past,
a lingering and disrupting past.
Forgiving has the ever presence of frame.
It has some account in summary that represents a loss,
and possibly a story that describes
to the eventual conclusion,
what all needs to be forgiven.
All of it, the initial interactions, the reactions,
the deep seated disturbances, the assault,
the victimhood, the unhealed wounds,
the heart and the heat of the matter,
the principles at stake,
the simplistic “eye for an eye” motivation,
the self imposed injury to self, the un-replaceable-ness,
the anvil of focus, the rededication to avenge,
that pivotal moment in time, the surround of disgrace,
and the many unending facets of withheld-ness
still potentially bursting forth that will follow.
This is a veritable landscape of inescapability to conquer
in all directions from ground zero of then,
going forward and becoming the unavoidable prominence, potentially evident in every moment hence.
Yes, forgiving-ness has to start with all of these elements
as the apparent basic weave to be dealt with in the process. 
It would seem to be the fundamental work to be done.
But I am claiming it is not!
I am not denying the profoundness of all of this
and its impact but I am saying that there is a need
not only resolve, dissolve and absolve
but also to transcend.
This is all a psychological and emotional landscape map
to an unrevealed deeper truth.
That as long as you fully identify as an isolated self
in this frame,
then this is the wardrobe option readily available to you
for your response in life.
All of this representation has one hidden
but fully functional premise needed to be addressed
in the nature of forgiving.
Forgiving requires at least two separate parties
functionally acting and reacting to each other.
The polarization established by separateness
keeps the pot stirred and the method of resolution
looking like all of the above claims as options to be tackled. Acknowledgment is necessary
but the depth necessary that must go on,
goes beyond these claims and their account and resolution. The world of separatism as individuals
has successfully pronounced and articulated all of this
by its method an occurrence and recount
that seems to need remedy.
Remedy is apparently needed for recovery
from expectations, a sense of ownership and possession, 
actions perceived as dangerous and harmful,
irreplaceable loss, unrecoverable sense of feelings,
a pivotal void in the sense of self,
and the rest of the irrationalities that will surface
in due process as life continues for each of us.
The secret is that there is no forgivingness fully possible
as long as the method of insolated, isolated,
separate self is maintained.
One must address the syntactical nature of how
all of this is taken into account, to have existed
within the identified separateness of oneself.
Forgiving-ness is a process within that structure
and is a method to displace what is regarded as so.
The essential leap in the nature of forgivingness
is to transcend the system itself,
to break out of but not abandon the self-modality.
To exercise empathy in the first person
to all parties involved is needed.
The dynamics behind all of the actions claimed
runs deeper that rational account can express.
Other moments from other times are involved
as spurs or triggers or restimulants
that all contribute below the surface energetically
to what happened but will never surface
in the broadest sense of realization.
Nothing is so simple as blame.
But within the system we customarily use,
the deeper understanding does not directly lead
to healing or even to a mend.
Self love, as mentor, has to include the self of the others
for life to leave the event and come fully present
into the moment of now, going fully forward.
One has to transcend the experiential style
we are trained into and become one with it all
in the dynamics of life going forward.
The energy of self that is blatantly trapped
can also be the force of transcendence to be used.
The realization of a higher sense of self is necessary.
The preoccupation of the past becomes the loadstone
to the currency of now without a sense of oneself
outside of the consensus of the story.
If you are about your hurt then your attention is on
the fashion of self in your separateness.
The true nature of forgivingness is an opportunity
for to you transcend your rational account of self
and give to yourself a permission
to go beyond the dumb-down self boundaries
that we are familiar with and accustomed to.
This discovery is what can express the life of your being 
and not what is the account of your past
as representing your now.
Imagine that you are frozen in a block of ice
until forgivingness happens.
That environment lends itself to not only tears
but also the potential for evaporative means.
No more in the thick of it.
No more residue or remains.
It is back to the fluidity of living in the now
without a frozen sense of being.
Forgivingness has to be to this depth of transcendence,
this evaporative self-sense of grace from within,
for forgivingness to be complete
and life to be the direct experience of your spirit 
consciously present and expressive to life
unfolding going forward.

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