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Monday, April 17, 2017

The politics of adoration 4/17/17

The praises eventually settles in
like barons of concrete.
The directives as compliments become specified
as expectational boundaries without reprieve.
That which in receivership, flatters,
serves as to bind.
The pedestal of perceptual placement
becomes a highly exalted prison
in the sky-praise from the other.
There is no audience for one to have
a leap of faith.
Life is forever following a directive
echoed in the mind.
The script is daily forthcoming
with no relief or reprisal.
Adoration, however sweet in initial scintillations,
is still a supreme form of this objectification;
to live in the perception
of another’s value of you.
You yourself captured and kept
suppressed by all your attempts
to please the adorer,
suffocating in the breath-death
of your own first person dreams.
You become the master of the act-out
for the other.
Between the two of you,
the richer the fervor and the deeper the ardor,
the more concealed the presence of the trapdoor below,
you and yourself as that martyr.
To discover that your life-force is spent on another
who has marionetted your existence
in service to their cause is shattering and humbling.
Once committed, these shackles are hard to get rid of
and basically without redress,
once upon deep discovery.
To undo without furthering the damage is a delicate bind.
To dismantle the altar without sacrilegious intent,
is a sacred bravery beyond the nature of attempt.
For that which has held you high in the sky of their sight
is clearly buried in the mire of their own self-doubt.
Victimhood to spiritual ascent is a delicate path to intend.
To decode adoration while in service to the source
requires an empathy beyond self-needs
and clarity beyond self-rendered in circumstance.
The river of dynamics has to change course
by some transcendent means.
The politics of adoration is also a unbeknownst plead.
That which adores,
screams in the most silent of voices,
yet knowing of the harmonics but voiceless to sing.
Adoration has a amplified megaphone
filled with the breath from that soul
yet captured and asleep in the murmur of their weep,
buried behind the mountain of adoration they would heap. 
To discover how tail wags dog
is the mystery before you.
Out of creative non-control, spirit can rise,
feel blessed by circumstance and revel in the outcome, 
beyond the obvious and profound in nature from within. 
The politics of adoration can become the fertile firewood 
for a deeper spiritual residence
to become conscious and a gifting of service
to transform the other into their own being.
The politics of adoration is always a hidden agenda,
looking for life through others,
so unsuccessfully so . . .

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