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Wednesday, April 19, 2017

he is claimed to be 4/19/17

He is generally claimed to be
the most interesting man in the world.
There are remarks made about him
that go like this;
Ask him any question and his answer
increases your I.Q. by at least ten point.
Where he is currently living,
the local weather channel there let’s you know 
how he is feeling for the day.
The way he travels to his work every day 
becomes a parade route of daily anticipation. 
Once, he spotted an owl
and that is what they named the species.
Why, he once took a breath of fresh air
and others made it into a season of the year.
It was said,
he had the deepest understanding
of the geologic column
and so in his honor,
they built a house on top of it,
just for him to live in.
Just in passing, he once sipped some coffee 
from a tree not yet sowed,
to know where that tree should be planted
to grow.
On one occasion, he clipped his fingernails,
cut his hair and shaved,
right in front of his friends
just before he time-traveled
so that he could make it easier
and more evident for them to believe him,
once they themselves arrived there.
Lots of times, just as a gag,
he would hold his wink for hours,
just so, in the end,
they knew he was just kidding.
It was recounted that one time
he threatened to take a group photo
of everyone he knew
who had used a relationship service
so that he could show everybody,
who in the hell made it to heaven
as a perfect couple!
Why once he struck up a conversation
with his perfect match,
her eyes and his preference lit up together. 
There was but once a dream
that all man sought
as fame, fortune and true love,
he supposedly left clues for them to follow.
It has been claimed that once
he changed the course of a river he was on
just so that he could redirect the intimacy
of his female companion’s conversation.
He was known to have had
private personal silent conversations
with women that he would meet
on the next day.
And of course, there was the time
he was caught palms-up, read-handed,
his future declared,
as the most interesting man in the world.
And finally, while he was wise and worthy,
well beyond his years and stature,
his worst attribute was, his gender-ploy!
And he prided himself on being to others,
the most interesting man in the world . . .


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