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Thursday, April 6, 2017

At the heart of trust 4/6/17

Trust is not a contract.
Trust is a conviction.
Trust is a method of deep self-permission.
Trust is an expression of self-love blossomed
then shared.
The incidence of trust being experientially realized is, 
although in human nature,
after the fact of its full-blown inception.
Trust, resorting to language, is already removed
from its essential source
and now has mind-representation
in a subject-object context.
Trust optimally proves nothing and gains nothing,
as it just is and expresses as such.
Trust is the harp of soul,
finding an opportunity to be played outwardly,
where the resulting sound goes out into the universe,
to express the deepest mission of spirit
in a presence-melody shared.
Trust has functional elements of frequency,
energy and vibration.
Trust essentially features sympathy,
compassion and empathy.
Trust thrives on resolution and resource.
Trust, in its expression, enters into the medium
of subject-object-ness
but it exists prior to, during and after.
Contingencies and expectations
in the subject/object medium,
work to falsify the nature and source of trust.
If you say you trust another person,
you are working with the weave of expectations,
away from the heart of the matter.
Trust, as in awareness, is a situation
in which an internal self is, in an opportune way, 
journeying out into reality,
to express from an inner source place,
a sense of self-love,
exploring the possibility of oneness with another.
At the heart of trust
is an internally activated environment of self-love,
willing to be broadcast as an auric presence,
sent out to be shared with the world,
by some means or some measure
in which there is radiance or a presence of spirit
as prevailing in the experience . . .

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