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Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Good for now 4/4/17

Everyone is potentially a professional now player.
Participation is counter-intuitive to experience.
To train is to de-evolve as a player.
There is no such thing as practice.
Practice is a falsification of play.
Play is a form of deep permission expressed.
Now has no out of bounds.
Every object is in play.
There are no time outs either.
Well there is no measurable time to start with.
The game has no beginning
and of course, no end.
Every action is a score
and the best defense is complete
and total offense
without restraint.
There are really no spectators
but there are bigger plays.
When players play in unity
there can be bigger plays.
And bigger plays create a deeper now
without excess or carriage.
The bigger the now expressed,
the great the field in play.
To win is only permission
for deeper expression of spirit
in the spirit of play.
And the deeper expression produces
a more expansive now.
The whole game is all self-invitational.
Everyone only gets better and better
at playing by playing.
And the offer to play
is only good for now . . .

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