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Saturday, April 29, 2017

wearing see-thru suffering part 5 4/29/17

to accept suffering as self-generative
which there by has attendable means,
there must be a deeper sense of being in play
that can surmise and embrace and still be that deeper source 
behind all of that that is
pressing to be experientially evident.
the spiritual wisdom of suffering is to acknowledge it,
not be deeply distracted by it
and address it from a place more deeply within,
that allows oneself to administer
from a purer state of consciousness
that is interfacing with the actual pain and it particulars
and not in response to the lesser self laboring
in one’s conclusive account.
if I am preoccupied as the victim
then I have no locatable position
to be the self-healer involved,
even though I would be the best qualified
and most prominent party, in the first person,
to attend to said circumstance and to alter
the experiential overload and to initiate
the necessary elements to end the suffering,
no matter what level it has been sustained at,
from physical to emotional to psychological levels included.
all are within range
of first person self attendance immediately.
suffering is not a paradigm
but only an observational flashing, with the potential
to affect consciousness in a consuming manner
when not more deeply addressed.
a person, essentially at cause, is to not be at affect
but also to be at affect of a deeper undisclosed cause, 
dependent upon which has a stronger conscious origin 
within one’s sense of oneself.
whether it is verbal abuse, physical brutality,
personal injury, or full-blown illness,
a deeper sense of self can be in response
rather than reaction to them all.

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