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Tuesday, April 11, 2017

One isness beyond 4/11/17

Anything consciously identified with in the now
becomes our attire,
worn outwardly, going forward.
Referential, in the way, is our history as our cosmetics
but not so much defining our future.
Empty-full-ness is our transcendent view.
Yet nothing of worth comes from there
into language easily.
That we are being the paparazzi of understanding
to feed our perspectives seems to be a consensual drive
but we, as our own audience served by that means,
are not fed enough by that method
to align with our future.
Those who come to us as transformative,
they come to us either by having done
their energetic homework to align
or by being dynamically connected to us already
by whatever resides in their energetic template
that we, also in ours, seek to align and harmonize.
Our language of presence to presence amongst ourselves
speaks to the one heart in which we all reside.
Our understanding for this, is the work
of the bystander awareness in each of us.
Our actualization leaves this knowingness
to become one within the one.
The medium of our evolution is this cross-weave
of dynamic dimensions held and withheld,
obvious and disguise,
that we must energetically persist with and within
and pursue throughout our consciousness as life.
It is no so much our path of driven-ness
but more so our inward path of drawn-ness
that is our surrender from the grip of this drive.
Our overlords of intelligence loiter at the source
and dismiss much of what is unseen as causes.
Logic is a fall back path of a desperate last recourse.
Openness to full emptiness
is the richness presence available.
Out of this, the energetic elocution of your being,
it takes presence, clear-light expression and drawnness.
Looking back at the highlights of our lives
and they were simply energetic explosions
from within a deeper knowledge of self-love permitted
that holographicly immersed us in a transcendent experience, imprinted consciously, throughout our beings.
In the mirrors of life before us,
we find the oneness of ourselves
as within the self of all others.
Isness is this essential language of being.
We have to become multi-linguist in the deepest sense
to be open, to embrace and to immerse,
just to be in dialogue with all others.
Eventually we evolve, to leave conversation,
to leave communication, and to become participants
in the conveyance of being.
Yet basically we are already there
but deaf to our own vibrational expression of this.
It is for us to discover in the isness of life,
there is no stop and go.
What we claim, as beginning and ending,
is only our framing style,
unto the convenience our ourselves,
our sensory depictional intakes
and our ability to participate.
Our lives in the bleachers,
in observation as bystanders
does not really intrinsically exist.
It is a claim that we make unto ourselves
that isolate us from being that which we are.
What we have claimed as our home
is so memory bound.
What we claim as our future is permission,
yet what we claim as ourselves, withholds us.
For now, that which specifically grabs our attention, 
formally distracts us.
Eventually specificity will serve no masters of us,
for there will be no me of any of us to master.
We will leave the habitat of time
and the conventions of experiential persistence offered.
Experience will no more provide the posterization of life.
Any sense of recognition will come
from holographic immersion
with none of us in audience.
As we leave our selfdom,
we all become this one.
One isness beyond,
without reflection or refrain . . .

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