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Friday, September 30, 2016

bored beyond ecstatic 9/30/16

bored beyond ecstatic.
pleading to have a conscious place,
beyond the superlatives of comparative truth
to fully realize that supreme is just contextual,
identity, a confinement,
knowing, a taxing burden of effort,
knowledge, in its carriage, is wearing
and time/space is its own conundrum rhapsody.
and we, the audience of attention,
bored beyond ecstatic.
pleading to have a consciousness,
beyond treading in the ocean of comparative truth,
soaked in circumstance as only contextual,
with identity as fear attracting,
knowing as an awareness that binds,                          
steeped in the knowledge to continue to swim,
and time/space as the sound of silence,
profoundly dancing through it all.
yet, too deep within
to bother with these details,
boredom has to offer . . .

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