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Monday, September 5, 2016

dead 9/5/16

what is dead to us
is really a mirror reflecting us,
our perceptions, conclusions, and assumptions
as we relate to it in a subject-object manner
as with an objectified view as, “this is dead”.
The essentialness of it is that nothing is dead.
it’s our version of it, as by our methods
of experience and reality formats,
that we claim it to be so
and then we claim it to be, dead.
we go no further then the utility and futility
of our viewing style as relevant.
that it is dead means we have ceased to perceive
that it, as a livingness, is in a format
that we are either unskilled at knowing
or uninterested in
as a prop in our world story of being us.
so all of the dead to us
that we find, discover, claim
really represents our limited point of view
or avoided means of access to comprehend
beyond our sense of itness
or the actuality of it being in an energetic state,
not abiding by our limited range for sensing
in its transformation
outside of our realm awareness capacity.
in our journey toward all knowledge,
most of the eventual burden falls upon us
to find a means to participate more fully
in the grander scheme
than make up a human reality story
and come discover usable props
of our own dysfunctional intentions.
we are slaves to the natural universe
by the means we attempt
but proud of our accomplishments
by the stories we invent
and the telling we do
but only to ourselves.
Oh the universe is listening to us,

but not by the any of means of what we say . . .

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