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Tuesday, September 13, 2016

questions 9/13/16

what, in the mind,
makes meaning noxious?
when is thoughtful,
seen as turncoat presence?
when does observation become seen,                                  
as the footprint of evidence?
what is the magic that makes standing still,
become posing?
when is it that a smile,
has lost its deliverance of light?
does a right decision ever exist,
without the hounding of proof?
what is your escape velocity
from the judgments your hold?
does showing way essentially ever apply,
to a second set of eyes?
if I supposedly gift you,
are you in the obligation of receivership?
if we are in complete agreement,
do we grandly look the other way,
with heartfelt eyes?
when is a question more than a just revelation,
unintentionally shared with another?

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