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Monday, September 26, 2016

dare versus unreal dare 9/26/16

real dare has a context,
the story is building,
there has been inner dialogue to boot.
possibly a menacing context
with a backdrop of intrigue.
there have been innuendos and uneasiness  
lurking to the challenge or the task.
dare has a drivenness
while unreal dare has a drawnness to it.
both are of a compelling nature in their own regard.
real dare has a verifiable act out access.
these days, possibly to be videoed
and then saved for broadcast options.
unreal dare is very internal,
no audience potential
but self intimately and privately self-observed.
real dare is outside known range
while unreal dare doesn’t even have the clarity
of content, context or means figured,
although a deeper sense of self is implied,
both as observer and participant
then obvious expressions of behavior.
unreal dare also has internal states to address
but practice towards goal is vague.
the goal is not fully defined
but the draw continues, without evident pursuit.
real dare has a comparative truth,
a potential means of measure,
failures building towards the attainable success.
unreal dare is working with or against
a more subtle set of principles
principles of the know thy self,
exclusive and externally subdued.
real dare is worldly in the discussion.
unreal dare is not implored by words.
others’ unreal dares do not cause competition.
neither are two versions of the same kind.
real dare can have an act, a timeline,
a done-it type of result.
unreal dare comes on when it does,
may not be complete for eons.
both produce a shift in consciousness.
a real dare may transfer into the unreal.
it may even have been the original motivation
but needed an act out
to bring it more fully to the surface.
an unreal dare does not surface quite the same.
completion of an unreal
may only be a shift in the deepening
of the source of self
by confidence or perspective going forward.
real dares do give confidence
but also they become expressive as if in display.
real dares alter the view of self from others.
unreal may only share an intimacy for the saying.
‘versus’ is probably not the shared stage
but more so, find them in parallel as start up topics.
but the journeys themselves, relative to consciousness,
are widely separate, as self voyages go . . .

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