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Friday, September 16, 2016

lessons from undercover 9/16/16

we all live lives of agents of ourselves.
we are undercover;
undercover of clothes,
the undercover of the self-projection,
undercover of the story we tell,
the undercover of the ego whiteboard,
undercover of life in the vertical
as opposed to our life in the horizontal,
as undercover of the logical defense
versus the actuality of being.
our duality thought-form style
is a reality-realized schizophrenia,
accepted and well respected
in most states of consciousness.
undercover does not necessarily find language easily.
generally instigates from a fleeting feeling state of being.
is grander than order
and more subtle than sense attempts to justify.
undercover has inner dialogue and kibitz potential,
sometimes more than the intimacy of exchange allows.
credit undercover for self discoveries and fallacy traits.
undercover may quite secretly create all the ink of living
and yet never take any credit for origin or source.
undercover would love to come into the light of self love,
sort of as a glow or a basic emotional charisma of being.
but undercover has a reputation also as is its description.
undercover, always with lessons, self-enigmatic by storm,
as a way of self as privatized acknowledgment . . .

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