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Thursday, September 15, 2016

Born to a reality font 9/15/16

Just suppose, well what if, I mean to say,
what if you were born with just a reality font.
Like in the privacy of your spirit,
you can feel exalted
but nobody came to your parents’ house
when you were about two
and said to your parents
something to the affect
that you were a blessed spirit
of power and presence
dwelling in their two year old’s body.
No one came to convince your parents
of the wisdom and heritage of you.
Nope, no knock on the door,
probably not even a passing thought
in your parents’ minds
or a discussed conversation between them
about the profound and unique light
of your being in service to mankind as a whole.
Yes, they probably took their private delight
in the energetic truth of you
but well, all babies have some consideration
in that regard.
And so by means of massive indoctrination
at many levels of your conscious attention,
you became adequately disguised
and accommodating to your expected role,
gender and circumstances.
You profoundly prepared to participate
as yourself as so claimed
by your efforts and interests.
Success and accomplishment became
the benchmarks of the story
as an account of you.
Surely there were accidents
of spiritual spontaneity on your behalf
and people adored them
as eventfully charming.
Maybe there were times of blind innocence
on your part in which
you attempted to play your evolved spirit card
in a reality situation
and it possibly worked to a degree.
Enough for you to keep it
in the privacy deck of you
but surely not well enough to rely on it
in the obvious and ongoing situation of daily life.
Oh there may have been private dreams,
inner conversations and realizations
but nothing appropriate to the immediacies
of consciousness or circumstance.
With all the conditioning and habituation
and expectation then laid upon you
by those immediate to your life circumstance,
the reinforcement of spiritual endowment
did not occur with proof positive
or a pathway clear for your taking.
Not that you didn’t have hunches and self-dialogues 
but few or none to share intimately with the world
of the first order around you.
Of course after decades of momentum
toward a mundane life with your now special skills 
and your personally developed and refined features, 
there were still outstanding moments
of deep spiritual delight.
Possibly the meeting of others who in their own way, momentarily recognized you in spirit
but passing in the transit of life.
There are those for that kind of friendship alignment, 
those of deep unexplained bonding,
their shared daydreams of another world
from another time and you both were richly there.
In the recklessness of your private struggle
to realize the totality of yourself,
you may have falsely played your evolved spirit card 
as if an elitist of some sort and were duly rebuked 
and held in consternation for it,
eventually after many of these trials,
you came to realize that you were born
with a reality font!
Oh you could say whatever you wanted
but the print style was always so legible
in a matter of fact mundane convincing way
that nothing more was made of you
for saying what you did or had to say.
Such is the journey of spirit,
well, everybody’s spirit into conscious aliveness.
So to your benefit, read both between the lines
and listen for the beyond of what you hear.
Fonts are a Machiavellian delight
of intelligent consumption
but they are only fronting the disguise
for the elegant power and presence
of your spirit in a legible manner.  

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