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Monday, September 12, 2016

I am not I am 9/12/16

all of mass is, its appearance, 
by functioning at lower vibrational rates 
within our sensory range.
we, as humans, have the capacity to be a consciousness
that functions as an outgoing radiance
but have selected methodologies that cause us
to function as in response.
all of mass is essentially metaphor
and in the way that it is metaphor,
is by our methodologies of relating to it.
we appear to be time-bound by our addiction
to the style of experience that we prominently use.
as we evolve, at some point, we will leave behind
the time- barrier and this mass as metaphor.
we are the calling out of our own predicament.
at this point, what we know about the universe,
is more of a mirror reflecting, how we come to know
and what we make of knowing rather than
the essence of our participation, consciously in the universe.
we are definitely conscious.
we are highly promoted as self-conscious
but we are only at the very beginnings,
the inklings of being consciously conscious.
we have consciousness as source
and an orientation towards that.
we not are yet consciousness as essence
or conscious of that.
at higher frequencies, in an evolutionary sense,
we would abandon mass, abandon time,
and then we would abandon self-consciousness.
we would have no keepsake
for methods or events or account.
we would have passed through the discovery
of the futility of thought as opposed to think,
and invested in a more focused sense of taken up by think.
so much so, as to dematerialize
and to abandon the use of time-laden language.
all of the constructions that we have come up with
to represent realizations, would have collapsed
in their inefficiency and their ineffectiveness
as articulations.
think would not be about
the nature of the creation of content.
think would be a transformational process of itself,
leaving mass and form, and abiding in essentials
beyond the nature of rules
and the in-time methods of observations.
there would be no sense to be oriented to time 
or location or even some version of space awareness.
consciousness would have no compelling boundaries
or any notion laden with content.
dualistic and linear thinking would have been left behind
in the time-bind as well as the sensory syntaxes
for objectification, deduction, conclusions, surmise
and sensory awareness, as functionally used historically,
in an objectified manner.
sense to avail would transform into sense to immerse,
and sense in immerse.
eventually this method of immersion would leave behind 
any sense of experience.
inquiry would be seen as impositional.
the path of curiosity would transcend
into actualization in  process.
nothing would come to represent everything.
and all things as representational 
would feature themselves into a demise, 
fulfilling fluid oneness above all.
even featuring, as a skill, would eventually dissolve.
that we had a method called God, would be realized
as referential and conclusionary
as a means to remain withheld
and lost in self-consciousness under the paralysis
of form and its preoccupation with I am . . .

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