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Sunday, September 18, 2016

the use of negative zen 9/18/16

yes, I have looked at a lot of things
with or through
the use of negative zen.
‘knowing’ what it's not,
is very reflective for me
as well as informative...
for I get to investigate
who is doing the looking for me,
somewhere in that process....
I’m all wound up
and no 'where' to go.
for ‘where’ is political
in an intimate way.
for ‘where’ is my agreement
to be separate from all as one.
location is as an assumption of function
but also than a denial of fluid oneness
that already abounds in oneness.
I can't use this kind of mindfulness
as dialogue or view.
in ‘oneness’, there is harmony
but not broken down by words
or separate images.
our normal sensing only has feel
but for there, in oneness,
feel has no surface,
immersion has no tongue
and voice has no source.
there are no edges,
no containment,
no experience of a concessionary nature.
each drop of being
is all ocean,
without ‘knowing’

as its claim . . .

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