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Friday, September 23, 2016

thoughts that conjure 9/23/16

professional sport is narcissistic species-ism
featuring human entitlement myopia
what we seem to need is massive imaginary destruction
fantasy hurricane fives,
elaborately occurring on weekends, nationwide
invisible massive tsunami waves
sweeping through coastal neighborhoods and waterways
imaginary wildfires overwhelming the structure of towns
humongous imagined earthquake damage,
vastly spread over entire intensely populated areas
make-believe volcano fallout of unprecedented magnitude
all of which as real, would seem to bring minds
into shared kindred focus
the kind that real actual dedicated focus that disasters do
that they immediately and intrinsically do
but, but, in this case,
only without any real disasters to respond to
so the premise is:
we seem to respond from more deeply within
to that which is wildly over-demonstrated
as in disasters of consequence and magnitude
the obvious in evidentials
but somehow remain passively preoccupied within self,
within species preoccupation, indulgently so.
as an example,
think of all the energy, physical and emotional,
that goes into spectator sports
both by calling and by release as need
massive amounts of human resource
spent on species indulgence
and even that is within prohibitive restraint
as in patriotism, regionalism, team-ism,
specific heroic player-ism. (who are we kidding?)
all of that idealization spent on fantasy as imagined story
when the world as the earth,
the variety of species of plants and animals
and others as foreign humans,
all are in need of conscious attention and care.
obviously, we have the human resources to participate
but lack the insight (?), the desire (?),
the sense for caring (?),
beyond the immediacies
of our myopic version of selves in survival?
how far out is it to meaningfully care
as if the planet was sacred
and we are all bees of the hive?
how far is the journey of compassion
to be the gift of species wherewithal,
as in a consciousness,
and to care for all others in that light?
in life, there is only one song,
and we all are the capacity to be the joy
of singing it together,
not just as a species but as a collection of livingness
all the way from rock to water to air to animal
to plant to being.
we are hurting with an abundance of excuses as details
but the lack of the big pictures to gain perspective.
look, there is only one dance,
why do we persist in doing it half-assed
and productively geared
towards doing it so unconsciously . . . ?

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