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Saturday, September 24, 2016

content is metaphor 9/24/16

In the etheric and elusory nature of consciousness, 
all of content is eventually just summations and metaphorical. Yes, we start with name and function and relatedness, 
equipped with a common sense logic, the ever-unfolding story of our lives, and our memory banks in overdrive. 
Our lives are filled with acting out, launched from behind 
the appearances, vying for an energetic truth to emerge 
from the mundane and the predictable. 
Strapped with the burdens of outcome and account, 
we create tendencies towards familiarity 
and the security of expectations met as reprieve. 
We are easily seduced into being the consciousness 
of mental managers migrating through the day, 
towards the total package of each of us but yet not revealed. 
We leave elaborate cryptic self-messages 
that are not ever clearly understood in life changing manners. Profound habits of repetition become the messengers 
of secret messages, unconsciously delivered 
yet they are deeply anchored from a powerful source 
though not realized in its inward original frame 
or spirit to the core sense. 
Masking and denial are popular means 
of self-absorption and self-deceit. 
The intricacies of self-discovery are difficult 
for in-depth poignancies to surface free and clear. Consciousness is not so much about the wave forming 
from the depth within as much as it has come to be about 
the surface appearance and its eventual display in passing. 
We are frontal lobe distracted by over usage. 
The brain of its own function will eventually tell us 
about our self-deceit. 
Generations of synaptic paths have been laid down 
as fully functional only to realize life as evidence. 
We have reality as loadbearing, linear, and proof positive. 
We are burdened with awareness for the crops it produces 
and the harvests we consume. 
Fasting on light seems outright impossible 
but we dream it anyways. 
Balance of being provides for expandedness 
in spite of the apparentcies. 
Reality is only wardrobe. 
Dreaming is sometimes directly a breath of light 
sent from our deeper self to be seen and received. 
Content is the messenger, dressed up as the metaphor. 
We are, in all ways, always expressing and seeking the truth, however complex and concealed it may present through us. Metaphor received is a post card from home 
even if the message is illegible 
and possibly sent to the wrong address 
of the current you . .

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