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Saturday, September 17, 2016

therapy thru a crowd 9/17/16

when does a group,
say a group of two or three or more
advance in one’s perception
that they potentially are perceived
as a lynch mob?
when does speaking out publicly,
all of a sudden have a silencer on it?
when does a room-full situation
filling with people
become claustrophobic?
when does the intimacy of a private conversation,
all of a sudden,
become public,
and the entire shape of the environment spoken in
how many faces are needed before
what ever you said is prepared to defend
you saying it?
how did it happen
that where you stand and what you do
are somehow now of a stage and in front of?
what do we call that feeling
when, in a room full of people,
you are the only one
to get up
and feel the attention-grab upon you
as you leave?
for some,
even an unexpected but loud sneeze
in a listening audience-mood setting
requires self recovery from an internal onslaught.
I know it is not common to think of it this way
but think of it as beneficial.
think of it as self therapy
with a crowd . . .

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