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Saturday, October 1, 2016

habits express values 10/1/16

habits express values
but it’s complicated
like the hand-tension generated in knitting
or the pressure of brush strokes to the canvass
sure there are the obvious results
as a product of evidence and usage
but the nuances of execution tell the tale
habits have fanfare all over them
you’d have to study someone’s habit over and over
until the elegance of value glides into the picture
looking for purity of purpose but not posed
where the love of motion meets the task at hand
sometimes mind is riding herd in directed focus
while other times it’s muscle memory reciting repeatedly
habits do express value
but oh so intricately displayed
almost as of a fragrance as an aftermath
grace under fire fuming with levity
effort with nostrils flaring
while effortless as if lightheartedness was the driver
habit expressed is more then belief
it is conviction put to the test
caloric as visionary under fire as mundane elegance
habits are the blooms
while values are the seedlings
everyone is a garden

in the lightness of being . . .

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