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Friday, September 2, 2016

the Audience for show 9/2/16

Here to listen for the soft unqualified sound
that mass, at a molecular level,
makes in maintaining its solidness.
To eavesdrop on the growth bursts
every tree life exhibits
contributing to the call of spring.
To snoop on the lengthy conversations
of stream water engaging placid rocks in passing.
To spy on radiant heat’s response
to surface rebuffs with the dance of overheating.
To hang on to the subtle sound of clouds appearing, 
and then everso, disappearing all in one span of sky.
To know that sound is the essence of structure
beyond, below, and behind,
what is apparently presented to us,
yet, generally in silence.
We go with bang and thud,
blam and boom,
thump and crash,
roar and screech,
thunder and bellow,
rumble and reverberate,
and a whisper and a holler.
These all appear as results,
the follow through as the aftermath,
the conclusion of some other cause.
But behold, the sounds that precede.
The sounds that shape and structure
the harmonies of the universe.
Sacred goes before us,
without us saying, sighting or hearing.
Our reality is contentiously myopic unto ourselves.
We use our sense to indulge rather than explore.
Everything new to us
is put into our petting zoo-mentality.
An entitlement mindset expects it to be this way.
We are all free to be prisoners of the unknown,
preoccupied with the commonplace of identification
as out ultimate goal.
Such is the beauty of audience mentality,          
when shared.
Yet we hear with prejudice, as if identifying,
and deny with simpleminded function to cause.
If it is not within our limited sensory range
and it does not come to us
as such and made evident
then it has no life to us
even though it holds us,
all of us,
easily in the palm of its grand . . .

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