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Tuesday, September 27, 2016

nothing completes you 9/27/16

all of mass is statutory
or so we believe to perceive it to be so
in the generation of human personality’s relationships
with all of this substance in the surround
and its outcome on personal presence in exchange.
compliments and tributes are paid to the all of it
as a graffiti on the mind.
spirit, though hard to get a word in edgewise,
is but a background of muted clamor,
until then, what then?, that then,
the supposed dust to dust, then.
where consciousness once again reigns
as unimpeded and supreme.
it is then and only then
when time is but a stasis as stone,
that in the grandest of unrevealed manners,
nothing, the all and the awe of nothing
profoundly completes you . . .

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