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Thursday, September 8, 2016

we, as mass 9/8/16

in essence, we, as mass, are traveling so fast
that our wardrobe of description does not apply,
that the sense for motion has been abandoned,
that location, as a reference style,
is disregarded as a valuable means.
the we of us, are traveling so fast,
that the concept of here to there,
departure to arrival,
even the please of exhilaration,
all cease to exist
as relevant informational account.
we are traveling so exceptionally fast
that experience is just a vacated method of hearsay
and anecdotal has no audience in attendance.
and by all knowable means,
account has no valid origin of claim.
we are traveling so vastly fast
that speed has no creditable dimension of worth
and we, as a populous, have finally discovered
where revelations abound unceasingly,

that we, as mass, have no exclusivity to being . . .

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