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Sunday, September 11, 2016

About listening 9/11/16

Yes I hear what you say and are saying. It registers as a communication that is understandable. I am listening in response to your questioning me. But I am way more interested in where in you these words are launched. What is the platform of built upon assumptions that provide for you to speak from that place? You know, the “this is me” place that you assume yourself to be and then speak with that tone and those words and that sense of self as the fabric forthcoming to present the words that you do. The speak room with its self appraised construction and self belief acoustics that has been personally modified to reflect ongoing your mood, intention, mind-map and subsequent conclusions that feed the artistry forthcoming as words launched as say coming my way. I listen for the shape and substance of that room in you. Listen for the forces that bring to your mind, the means of conviction that permit coming forth and the musician of temperament that gives talent to these tones of presentation. I listen more deeply for the unsaid, the subterfuge of the self flooring, the falsehoods of perception that have invited and encouraged the need for each response to be as it is spoken outwardly, in this case, coming my way. I have learned to swim into the sound of your voice as if a salmon rigorously traveling upstream to the spawning grounds of every sound that comes out of you. Looking for where fertile is hurled, where self is a constant and current weaving of being. Looking for the essence of the medium that makes you, and the intricate methods produce and propel you as a being forward and outward at the same time. I am not asking about introversion/extroversion. I am wanting to embrace spirit from within, the spirit of you, behind all of the appearances and projections. That is what I am searching for in the most intimate of listening manner. About listening? Oh yes I am listening to you. I am sincerely and joyously listening to you and for you . . .

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