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Saturday, March 25, 2017

wonders never cease 3/25/17

when we met,
I shared more than a moment,
more than a meal, a napkin, or a notion.
I then shared a feeling, a confidence,
an engaging, an open-endedness.
then a bed, many moods,
a shallowness of character,
apprehensions about the meaning of life,
the potential pitfalls of futures,
the shortcomings of my emotional development,
topics of rage and concern,
the self of me in the closet,
in the darkness away from understanding,
where you named me as real,
where I would gladly give up my me
to be in the light of your presence
and how that happens to come to life
in the honoring of you.
I had a self and found it
then found it melting.
I am a larger spirit now of evaporative means.
if I am stalwartness of sail
then you are a beckoning of breeze.
if I am steadfast of forest
then you are a light emergent into bloom.
if I am fountaining, defying gravity of the moment
then you are the water brought forth in nurturance.
if I were of time, you sent me agelessly wandering.
I now exude from where I would have only worn.
what you can’t know of me
is next moment’s presenting,
the plead of me
towards the deeper expression of being.
what you call out of me
I was only a self as bystander before you.
now the animation has heart.
I would have to say
that we never really met
we just realigned
we reconvened
we resumed, what had a past-life past,
into a now to continue.
we are not a pick up from where we left off.
we have never parted in the sublime,
just experienced lesser states.
but now has brought us home
to the warmth, the weave, the womb,
as generative and celestial.
and as the nominative, just kidding.
nothing is that simple
and yet here we are
and seamlessly wondering . . .

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