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Wednesday, March 8, 2017

It’s a “dog eat dog world” 3/8/17

it’s a “dog eat dog world”.
are you serious?
it’s only a reflection from our observational styles.
we’re into referencing symbols.
we declare entities to exist as separate.
with deeper perception there is field presence.  
everything interrelates.
there is no separate mass of relevance.
It’s totally versionary and nothing more.
We have little access to that  quantum reality
and we are biased to perceive in familiar mindful ways.
The ‘Now’ is not really accessible for us.
this deep presence does not translate
into either account or language.
storyable is a just convention
where we simply agree to agree unto ourselves
and there is no big picture relevance beyond.
our mindfulness accounts are an experiential basis.
as such, we declare ourselves as separate from.
none of this gets us to dwell in the beingness
or the quanta of the universe consiously.
deeper insights only get us observational views.
sure some individuals may multi-realm
but very privately and self-intimate as such.
the potential is in everyone
but the drawn-ness to pursue is up to that person.
spirit in conscious ways requires full attention
and does not produce results.
bark all you want,
but there is no isness in a dog eat dog world! . . .   

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