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Saturday, March 11, 2017

if want had sway 3/11/17

give me lyrics that are wordless
song that is voluminously voiceless
thoughts that have no subject matter
motives that have no driven direction
being, whole beyond self-observation’s view
filled with contentless occupancy
love beyond emotional viscosity’s reach
while life, by its livingness, as its means    

want from where is beyond above
an above beyond that above
behind ever before, or during or after
beneath below,
further back than underneath
yonder all elsewheres
before any previous
and far far ahead of any afterwards
yet preceding in advance of any thereafters
prior to any subsequently sooner-than-later thans
but, just following along,
so, farther back than once upons
yet further out there than any previously aheads
sort of, way beforehand,
yet with life, by its livingness, as its means . . .

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