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Monday, March 6, 2017

what the think 3/6/17

think is the opportunistic permission
but thought is the download.
we could live outsides the physical universe as think
but not as navigable thought.
by its very means, thought assigns substance as matter
and assumes its rules for operational attention apply.
think has void access,
referencing the quantum world as its operational
but thought, as it registers, steals and codes
to suit its version and account.
think, before it has words as language and labels,
ventures and immerses in an original sense
but returns and subscribes to thought
as its payload of worth.
thought-managed-think is a form
of a slave-to-reductionism style.
think, as a risk into words,
can come up with new concepts
but mostly in a ‘piggy-back
adding to what already is’, style.
the leap from think to thought is a given
without even the means to investigate
that internal migratory arrangement.
our conscious mandate is for think to register as thought 
and thought to be refined into value.
from before birth our imprisonment of consciousness
is on this take
and indoctrination towards that thought-cause
is thoroughly ongoing and without question.
as is, how to question questioning,
for us, is as a conundrum of itself.
the vibrational integrity of think occurs
at higher frequencies then matter does.
the transduction into an accessible brain state
seems to be unquestionable
but the results, as intelligence, are perceived as obvious.
birth and death are not the beginning or the end to think, 
but the thought trails are begging
and also of vacating relevance,
relative to life in the matter at the material stage.
the integrity of this vibratory means
has a non-physical template
and persists through form or eventually, the lack of it,
as in the material plane and also the non-material.
soul recognition does not occur by our thought-form means.
think has access to it
but it does not translate nor transduce authentically as such.
we makeup informational apparel to address it
and carry on with the projective form that is then recognized as such.
if per chance you truly connect with someone,
it is beyond your means to void them
or to even have opinions about them
beyond what is superficially pronounced,
for the connection is definitely not deeply altered.
in a world of vibrational intelligence you would, quote,
claim that you understand,
even though understanding is not
what is operational there as its means.
experience may seem to justify the connection
but it, that deeper connection with another,
goes on whether revealed in the physical realm or not.
where we have invested in a version of intelligence
does not allow us entry into that means of conveyance
as constantly relevant.
yes, we value it but only as high experience
in a phenomenological, accounting sort of way
and not as a constant or as a means  
that exists outside of the domain of time and space.
it is hard for us to trace back the origins of think
when our means is in a thought-account sort of way.
we have the same essential problem in science
because of its means and it accounting style
as if objectivity ever existed.
think is a trust, both as a noun and as a verb.
it refers to permission of spirit
but without any religious over or under-tones.
you are, as we all are, for now, the human pen
and your ink is filled with think.
signage, in the way it is done, is the imprisonment.
you essentially existed before the word,
before the word circumventively became your words . . .

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