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Friday, March 31, 2017

The illusion of stimulation 3/31/17

What if stimulation, in its highest state,
was specifically empathy induced?
Stimulation would start with a stirring of the heart
and a welling of being.
Stimulation would be a body immersion
before a mind account.
Stimulation would need to discover
the spiritual self-intimacy of cause.
Stimulation would not have the life to live
for description, definition, or disruption.
The wisdom of stimulation is to embrace oneness
in a non-distractive enduring way.
True stimulation is the now yet undisclosed
and ever the radiance pouring forth from within. 
Enlightenment has stimulation
as a constancy of applause in celebration
of the ongoing inner consciousness of being.
The miracle of stimulation is in its non-subject/objectness 
and yet forthcoming and outgoing.
Stimulation, to the heart of the matter,
actually has no audience.
Stimulation can be the inner workings of bliss
without timelines or account.
The essence of stimulation
actually has no giving, no receiving,
and no embrace of a context to define it.
In a general sense stimulation is an urban myth
gone viral on every single human, invested in
the conventional distractive training method of experience. 
At worst, stimulation shouldn’t be
an audience participation,
but rather, it should be audience engagement.
The conventional consensual by-laws of stimulation 
demand objectification in a subjective account,
yet authentic stimulation is essentially unrepeatable.
It is, in action, an unknowable art form.
Actually stimulation is an observer term
used at the beginning of a sensory journey
while the ideal for initial stimulation is first person,
fresh eyes and the celebration of being
as it may secretly reveal itself
as sprouting a consciousness deeply imbedded
in the backdrop wonderment of silence without end. 
Stimulation is radiance without disclosure,
oneness without inherent repetition,
and the universe dancing
without the music of time . . .

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