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Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Loud mouth inside 3/14/17

Am I, the loud mouth inside myself
that asks these questions?
Is our nervous system an expression of the universe,
yet, unbeknownst to us?
Is there experience without the presumption
of formulating assumptions
to interpret the apparent symbology?
Are these formulations like a platform of notions
about reality, yet in and of themselves,
a limiting system of perceptual self-containment?
Are these expectations the directorship as the source
of our perception’s delving inquiries and triumphs?
Are we as the perplexed, placed in a locality
when locality is a mirroring proposition
of self-consciousness as the conundrum?
Does the god of locality ever give up its life,
to unceasingly sacrifice every here and there
to be the presence of the universe ongoing?
Aren’t our lives the every millisecond experiment
of leaving reality for being?
Is this meta-empirical, a process of revelation
as revelation is a transformation from separational reality 
into the exit from the observational perception?
Are we a movement of radical intimacy
towards this oneness with the universe?
Is awe a form of self-permission of passage
in that vast directionless way?
Am I really the muted loud mouth inside myself
that would like some answers?

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