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Sunday, March 26, 2017

the thought of think 3/26/17

think could live in a thoughtless world
but there would be no self-consciousness to it.
pure think is not the work of retention visited
but there is a step-down to bring think into words.
words only net meaning but not original context.
(enough words can make a snowman
that eventually melts in the presence of sunlight.)
thought can only be floatational
in an invisible sea of think.
thought has dimensional limitations
while think has multi-dimensional access.
thought has time as relevant and cadent
while think has no pace dictated by time.
the reduction of think is what is translated into thought.
thought works with the evidence of think
but does not interface with think directly.
think is working with light
while thought is working in the occurrence of light.
think, of itself, casts no shadows
while thought, in its natural environment,
works with shadows, its edges, its surface and its size.
think has no motive but thought has handles and leverages.
there is no revisitation of think
but there are thoughts that attempt to conjure think.
thought heaves words at think
but only the echoes of meaning return.
think is the vibrational weave of the sacred cut
while thought is the fashion of apparent diversity.
we have them as Siamese twins
but yet they are not of the same species . . .

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  1. What is this crazy speak lol

    None of these posts make any sense, even if trying to imagine some meaning