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Wednesday, March 29, 2017

it appears to happen 3/29/17

there are these unexpected times
when a release, just happens,
in closing one’s eyes.
sooth appears, as if an ascension.
dimensions of sense awareness disappear.
feel, disrobed from the task of to-identify,
spaciality, not any more a  consideration,
intimacy, as a thoroughness is a given,
and yet no aspects for mindfulness travel.
time is just this empty, as the ever-now.
so what would be the nature of concern?
since no fallback positions occur,
experience has no dialogue or story.
this now, has no surface facing me.
order has no abides.
time has no magnitude of measurement.
memory is absent of trek, travel or tour.
immersion has no containment.
breath is its own divine.
there is no give in or give up to notice
as ‘separate from’ activity is substance abuse.
happening is dissolve, occurring constantly

without any next, of appropriated setting . . .

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