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Friday, March 17, 2017

taken to heart 3/17/17

warm your hands, sooth with your breath
breathe into them, from your heart
then put them on me
so that I can express in response
as a landscape of light.
gaze upon me.
drink from your inner vision of my soul,
then look.
so that I can escape being separate from you.
know me from your far-memories,
then be this moment as sunrise upon me.
search deeply within to find me,
where we co-exist together,
before any measures of time.
let those tears come through
as a claim of innocence
let that rush that captivates as us, enthrall you,
then wash my being
with your fall-through embrace.
feel for our mutuality-trust,
living our shared sacred alive.
find me like-wise, involuntarily, the same.
we leave duality to return to this, our source-point,
our coherence of means.
let these be my last words,
for then, we are a liquidity, forthcoming,
conjoined vibration intelligence
yet without pronounceable language.
our common consciousness, undeclared
by leaving behind all these time-binds.
this focus is fulfillment, without being defined.
our breath is vision as now is our innocence.
all taken in, through to heart . . .

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