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Wednesday, March 1, 2017

we go in mass 3/1/17

mass is a form of lower vibrational tourism.
consciousness is a means of passport qualification.
thoughts, in the form of memories,
are a kind of postcards, we send to ourselves,
by a medium called personal experience.
we actually never leave a grander sense of home
but we are committed to this individualized mode of travel
and in order to travel,
we created specific small mindedness and private longings.
we pack up our be-longings
into lower vibrational rates and we appear to travel.
and in order to enjoy,
we use our senses as a lower form
of first person technology.
in order to interface with this technology,
we developed and subscribed to mental linearity.
one of our hobbies,
in the selected experience style we use,
is to practice the technique of retention
then we use recall, followed by recognition
and finally, we have this vastness of reflection.
for this, and for the full effect and affect of this,
we go in mass . . .

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