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Sunday, March 5, 2017

data 3/5/17

data never speaks for itself
it affronts as a mirror for interpretation
it has an allegiance towards steadfastness
considers itself documentable and done
will answer to “cold, hard, facts”
but not a clue as to what that would mean
is dressed and undressed by searching eyes
is a slave to manipulation by perspective
has a day life of being viewed
but nights are spent in resolute stillness
herds of living sheep maybe considered living gods
legibility is a gene-pool given
go find some data and let it parade in front of your eyes
always going from left to right in written format
or looked at from everywhere if in the raw
data, the honey-pot of objectification’s meal
there is a growing world out there
where we of ourselves are also data and data like
behavior seems to be our evidential trail
but then again, data never speaks for itself

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