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Thursday, March 16, 2017

curse of the expectation syndrome 3/16/17

if you have seen it all before,
you have a self induced ticket to spectate.
take a seat in the recollection of your mind.
yes, you are a voice in the consensus choir.
your opinion is as important to others
as a yawn or a sneeze in passing.
gosh, living for a conclusion of worth
is now the goal of a retentive minds, ours.
expectations are a contract for the past, repeated.
when familiarity inbreeds,
chain-gang monotony is that background sound,
getting louder as that song one hums, all day long.
sure, it is part and parcel of the contracts we make
but it is rather the chopping block
and never the cutting edge of what is living’s worth.
kiss too many babies, shake to many hands
and we have become a politician of our own making.
good luck with that projection for getting what one wants.
expectation people are not the artists of themselves.
they editorize too much for a fulfilling life.
critical mind went from being a popularized tattoo
to hemorrhaging, as an essential organ for living.
the mother-voice inside oneself got too demanding.
worth is not as inviting as clutch is a prominent need.
expectations create the oceans we gladly float upon

but unassuming clouds give us what we essentially need.

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