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Thursday, March 23, 2017

we call it quantum 3/23/17

quantum reality, can’t experience that
mental reductionism, not getting us there
we’re there but only isness to claim it
a versionary account, at best
objectification is not direct access
this is our lack of connectivity
the syntactical nature of our language
profoundly denies any entrance
our self-consciousness, forgoes admission
we exist as tourists
visiting with our baggage and a bucket list.
we have no definite plausible means
as long as experience is our primary
to take us to that quantum, supposely out there
if enlightenment was a quantum state
then science has asked to be pardoned
from that spiritual pursuit
it’s contemplative to discuss quantum reality
to conjure conceptual attempts at comprehension
to theorize possible relatedness
to delve into a deeper understanding
but seriously, all we have are postcards
mailed to ourselves
from theoretical thought-form places
not the same as being,
where there is here . . .

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