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Sunday, October 2, 2016

lip service 10/2/16

is it perfectly alright
for one to lip-service verbally
as if to grease the pole of personal interaction
as long as one also, slides on by.
then again, if one’s personal, prominent priorities
were listed down the front of one’s current wardrobe,
say, top, t-shirt, sweater, or jacket
and legible to face to face observing parties,
then lip-service could become a thing of the past.
there would be less need for the dubious decode
and more of the directly understood.
fickle would be more of an accepted character trait
and forthright, a motive for friendship.
conversation of this nature,
at times, is like verbal dodge-ball
with what is said as tossed.
but what is heard as meaningful,
maybe be a direct hit,
a glancing blow or just chat, finding wind.
luckily gravity has the means to be a certitude
but lip-service can be more like passing gas
within a polite silence
as part of its impactful but disappointing presence.
it is as if lip-service has a smell
eventually, and it stinks.
lip service can be,
as if spoken from the fart . . .

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