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Sunday, October 30, 2016

the expectation narrative 10/30/16

fueled by familiarity’s approval rate,
set up by momentum’s dailies occurrences, 
oriented by planning’s outcry, leading the charge,
and strategy’s thought-out intendedness actualizing,
expectation is consciously seeded
in every next movement’s going forward.
it’s a cognitive checklist, rosary-spoken inwardly.
everything proceeding as normal is placidly approved.
there is an earnestness to this expectation sitcom.
the actors and audience both interplay.
scripts are presented and exchanged and ensue.
those that believe in expectations develop aside views,
postures and expressions that counter, vex, and plead
when expectations are not meet, straightforwardly.
oh there is an art to the seduction of expectations,
to the behavioral conformance to expectations,
to the undeniable recruitment of expectations,
but most of all, there are the cues, the prompts,
the body language gestures, language hints,
the outright facials, and the pregnant silences,
that are the expectation narrative in action.
yes it is a recruitment of the past to represent
what the future might hold to be true.
the expectation narrative lives on,
but worst of all,
it is a downright denial of the present
with preoccupations that trump the now
by falling for the past as the act out of the future,
every next present moment,
stampeded this way but yet, still providing . . .

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