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Saturday, October 15, 2016

money 10/15/16

money is the lubricant
that keeps all things unconnected.
it is a blind morality trust
with no integrity in passage.
it is a mirror
that reflects the distortions of need,
wants, schemes and delusions
by the grip of wealth.
if money was more
than just minions as motivations,
if money could make authentic movies
based on its hand to hand experience,
psychology would be a richer field
of wonder and interest.
there is no stranger world to attend to
then money telling the truth
of it’s journey in service.
it iss a story teller to boggle the mind
if one listened.
it would be, logic defied, love leveraged,
trust superficially displayed.
the only medium to tell a truer account
would be water,
because of age, travels, informational gathering
and the life of a human insider to boot.
money lacks the fluidity of character
that water possesses
but otherwise, money is as an intimacy
of need declared.
why does the wisdom of human comprehension say, 
‘follow the money”?
and when will motives will be revealed
that defy the sense of spirit?
“follow the money”
and hell on earth has a garden’s presence
and a greenhouse of misery.
money is all exhale,
in a world that needs inhalation.
as if in the gasping,
there is spirit realized as the reward . . .

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