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Wednesday, October 5, 2016

The addiction of worth 10/5/16

We are all, as humans,
addicted to the same search,
with very different points of entry.
Most all of us were born juiced and beaming, 
without boundaries of overwhelm
or the pin-downs of comprehension.
Light would automatically come through
each of us unknowingly.
Others would feel it,
and attempt to ignite from it,
their own inner beings whenever possible,
just by the naturalness of childlike presence 
and with some guidance from sight.
Sentience of the newborn,
was to be dumbed down.
This Machiavellian practice was a matter
of unstated fact,
in order from all older people in the surround. 
The grand assumption from these initial terms of engagement, 
feature a relatedness to teach said child in a mindful way
rather than learn from the genius of their being 
as presented before us.
We are all distorted
from the same basic indoctrination
however the cultural and parental twists
that have uniquely occurred.
Habit, by expression, becomes routine, unattended, 
and hapless in its display of thirst, 
and under-dimensionalized from the true heart 
keeping it alive and unfolding.
Yet, over our lifetime,
deeper currents inwardly prevail,
even if inadvertent, 
or quite unevenly surfacing 
during the course of living unfolding.
Every act searches for soul,
no matter how unconsciously attempted,
be it repulsion or attraction.
Dynamics is the impact language.
Positions of polarity are the distractions
lacking the depth essentially yearned for.
The act of conscious habit is most difficult
in anyone’s ongoing life.
And to personally decode what spirit is
every moment, attempting to express
from within is the ever challenge
and the addiction of worth . . .

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