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Saturday, October 8, 2016

consciousness is not experiential 10/8/16

consciousness is not experiential.
what if consciousness
is not the experience of consciousness?
what if comprehension
is not the method of understanding?
what if comprehension
has an active imagination involved
while understanding is a reduction to usable words
to explain and account for what then is understood?
what if consciousness has no words,
no spoken language, no story to tell?
what if consciousness has no timeline
as the experientially impenetrable now?
what if consciousness is always present,
mostly experienced as limited awareness,
searching for realization,
as if the capture by experience is consciousness?
what if the well intentioned experience is only a lobbyist
for consciousness to abound?
assume for a moment, that all of the well developed
and defined methods of experience
are all profoundly dysfunctional methods
towards the ultimate goal of consciousness.
imagine that consciousness is not capturable
by the use of experience
yet conscious is happening to everyone,
intermittently, between or besides or behind
what experience represents.
if consciousness were a vastness
and understanding was a flashlight
predicated on its usage in a dark room
then in the daylight of consciousness,
the flashlight would seem useless
and at night the flashlight only see what is sees
into the presence of vastness,
but not the vastness itself.
if fear were the dark of the night
and love the light of day,
then understanding as the flashlight
only works in the darkness to satisfy one’s fears
while love supersedes understanding capacity
to be effective in the light of the day.
much in the same way,
consciousness is not experiential . . .

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